Mousbones: Art of Al Neun


Mousbones Commissions

To order, please email with ‘commission’ in the subject line. See bottom of page for terms!

Limited Ice Cream Commissions


$30 Each
Limited availability! See your favourite character as an adorable, melty ice cream novelty!


Sketch Commissions


$15 per Character
Drawn on 1000x1000px canvas and cropped to fit the sketch. Monochromatic, or with loose colouring for an additional $5.


Portrait Commissions


$50 for the first character, plus $25 per additional character.
Full colour, drawn on a 5"x7" canvas at print resolution. Simple background included.


Painted Commissions


Starting at $200
Full colour, digitally painted commission at 300 DPI. Ideal for tabletop RPG art.


The commissioner recieves the rights to the image for personal, non-commercial use. Rights to make derivative works are not automatically granted, but can be negotiated. (You’re free to print the image out, use it as an avatar, order it as a custom puzzle, whatever you want as long as you’re not modifying, selling, or using it for business.) If you’d like to commission a work for commercial use, please discuss it with me as the pricing will be different. All commissions will be rendered at 300 DPI unless otherwise described. I reserve the right to change these prices at any time, and complex characters or scenes may be subject to additional charges.

Payment is taken via paypal. 50% upfront, 50% upon completion for all works totaling over $15. 100% upfront for works totaling $15 or less.