Mousbones: Art of Al Neun


In 2015, I had a lofty goal: to train myself in every aspect possible of making comics. Transformed! is both the fruit of those efforts and a record of my progress. Through it, I’ve gained experience in scripting, thumbnailing, lettering, pre-press, and more. As of Feb 2019, there are four individual issues with a fifth in-progress.


Issue 1

Kay Whitman, 19, is a pre-transition transgender man in his second year of college. After a less-than-smooth attempt to come out to his best-friend-slash-crush Jake, he finds a magic ring that will change everything…

24 pages
First Published Aug 2015


Issue 2

Attending Queer Students Alliance meetings as an “ally”, Kay finds that he doesn’t exactly fit in with the gay community at his college. His search for community leads him to Dot - a genderqueer community leader who seems to have some troubles of their own.

28 pages
Published Jan 2017


Issue 3

Kay’s secret has been discovered - but there’s no time to worry about that now! Dot’s girlfriend’s sister is missing and there’s a monster on the loose. Can Kay and Dot find her before disaster strikes?

25 pages
First Published Sept 2017


Issue 4

What reasonable person could be expected to NOT take their new magic ring for a test drive? Kay hits the streets in his handsome new form… and winds up on a coffee date with a certain someone!

27 pages
First Published May 2018



Every chapter of Transformed! is initially plotted into a short series of beats, and then expanded into a longer script accompanied by occasional sketches of specific scenes or panels. I’ve developed a sense of about how many lines/actions will occupy a page, and break the script down into approximate page divisions to prepare for thumbnailing.



Using the page breakdown in the script as a guideline, I plan the entire comic out on paper in rough thumbnails. Over the course of working on Transformed! my thumbnailing process has become much more compact - from 4 thumbs per page to 16!




Because I’m responsible for both inks and pencils, pencils for Transformed! are typically loose and evocative with a focus on capturing the emotion and composition of a panel.

Lettering & SFX

One of my major goals with Transformed! was to develop my lettering skills - all dialog and sfx are completely hand lettered!